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An institute that makes the root of students strong and help them in learning every little aspect of designing by easy & interesting techniques. So, let’s join hands and be ready to grow together. . Because we belong to you.


Deep 'Roots' are never reached by the frost. Yes, root is something that makes you powerful, helps you to grow and gives you strength to fight against disasters. A Strong root is a sign of stronger future and I am overwhelmed to share that with your love, support and blessings I am going to open my own designing institute 'Design Roots'.

Key features

logo is designed in such a way that it will look modern and minimal. A hint of serif makes the logo stand out. The challenge was to express the concept of root indirectly through the use of varying thickness of letters without drawing it. The Expressive Element letter. With the distinct reverse “ ” the brand identity captures the spirit of self-expression and individuality. Playful tones of Tuscan sun yellow and soft Black create contrast and make the logo distinctive. These colours are on show throughout all aspects of the identity – across packaging, marketing collateral, thank you card, website as well as other merchandise.

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