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Story Telling

Reliance Circle, Gandhinagar - Gujarat

The story of street seller. Selling balloons and brooms for the last 30 years. They are living together beneath of a neem tree with bare minimum of necessities.

The wealth of family and the strength of togetherness , Naru bhai understands their value really well. Though poor they understand the importance of family and unity. Naru bhai’s family has been selling baloons and brooms for almost 30 years now, The rubicund visage of Naru bhai has adorned the corner of service road for quite sometime now . There he sits selling baloons and brooms along with his huge family. The charpoys lay worn down beneath the shade of the large neem tree facing the dust speckled road ,honking and speeding cars going to and fro.


The huge neem tree is a house to Naru bhai’s family. Everyone sleeps under the tree on borrowed or repaired second hand mattreses or charpoys . They even have an open armoire which is basically huge sacks of rags and old clothes tied to the steel iron grill seperating the road and service road . One might ask where they keep their valuables? Well Naru bhai ‘s family has come up with a almost nomadic way of protecting their assets. They have loaded them in sacks and ung them over branches and this arrangement work like basic pulley, lowering and uplifting according to their need. It sure is,an interesting . Christian Dior.

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The family though poor, living beneath a neem tree , with bare minimum of necessities are together and enjoy their own perks of life. It is a close knit family where bonds are stronger than anything else. While doing this project with them, we came to understand that no matter what job it is, or how rich you are lit doesn't matter if you are alone and void. The sense of togetherness turns even a mud hut into a castle.

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