Almost six years later, I'm writing about my experience at NIFT Gandhinagar.

When I look back to the vivid picture of my past, from the initial day of my graduation, which was the initial days of getting in to completely new world with new people from all parts of India with different cultures, surroundings, food, and language.💫

A Place where my first breakup happened, where I met folks I used to think were the craziest people until they became my flatmates and subsequently good friends, and a place where I began trying and doing many new things for the first time, it gets shivers when I look back on my initial journey.🌟

This is what I believe the meaning of progress or advancement in life will look like, so may these shivering sensations repeat a few years later when I reflect back on my present self.

I appreciate you everyone from the bottom of my heart for contributing your beliefs, abilities, skills and whatnot to be a better version of myself.

I remember my 1st year at NIFT Gandhinagar. I'm a lad from a tiny place in Bihar who moves to Delhi for a few years and then to Gujarat for graduation in design at NIFT Gandhinagar. I was quite excited, but I was also nervous about interacting with new individuals who spoke better English and had greater social skills. Being unprepared inhibited me from knowing how to speak, when to speak, and where to chuckle, weren't my cup of tea.

I recall that on my first day at NIFT Gandhinagar, there were around 26 girls and 4 boys, including myself. When I first entered the classroom, I was unsure if I was in a girl's classroom or what. However, when I saw two lads from my batch, Mayank and Jimmy, I quickly realized that this is my classroom. I then glanced around, but most of the people had already gotten their sit, so I walked to the last bench and sat there, feeling extremely anxious about whom to talk and what to say while sitting quiet.

Since the class was dead silent and I was quite frightened, Manpreet (Palak) approached me and suggested me to sit next to him on the front bench. I immediately answered, "Yes, Han thik hai," and I walked over to the front bench and sat beside him and after a few days she becomes my first college buddy.

The first faculty with whom I had interaction was Lokesh Ghai, who entered the classroom wearing a blue floral-printed shirt and had long, curly hair. He introduced himself and shared his most recent filmmaking experience.

He asked us to play some interactive games and as far as I remember I enjoyed his class on the very first day itself.

Darshna, Nidhi, Sobiya, Vemu, Ekanchi, Manpreet, Peajwal, Shivangi, Ritwik, Swarnika, Pritush are in above photograps (Pic:7August 2016).😇

Compiling 4 years of my life at NIFT Gandhinagar✨ in a blog is impossible, it's just a glimpse of my relationship at NIFT and further in life. I have tried to cover every one who have been part of my batch.

Comment below or DM if you have anything to add or share with me, it's my pleasure to have a wonderful time with you all four years at NIFT.

Starting from my first buddy at campus Manpreet:

Manpreet (Palak)

A friendly and generous individual, As far as I can recall, She had extremely little handwriting, with each letter being no larger than 3mm. She was incredibly helpful in our first year together. After we moved to the separate department, we were less in touch, but I appreciate having a great time together, wishing you success and stay in contact.


A dumb friend, ooh sorry!! :D, A great friend, Oh no! .. A friend, name Nidhi and I were good friends; I spent most of my first semester with three to four people, and one of them was Nidhi, she is someone with whom I am still in contact, despite the fact that she appears to be quite busy these days. She has been a great classmate, emotional supporter, batchmate, and a constant source of encouragement. I would say her apartment served as a second home for me whenever I use to feel low.

I remember our Scotty accident, helping each other during the assignment, traveling to Ahmedabad for college projects, and our travel plan, she is awesome! She used to be one of those individuals who used to be an enthusiast in the beginning and least interested in at the end in any kind of work. Of course, she has changed better. We had a lot of fun together cycling, biking, going out, bunking, watching movies, and having many good times together. She cooks delicious food;  I'll stop here otherwise this entire blog be about Nidhi. Wishing you all the best for your future, stay connected.


A person with great empathy, polite, humble, great sense of understanding about life people, and whatnot!

As far i remember we initially started having conversation when she saw me working alone on a tessellation project that was over its due date. She then asked as to if I required any help.

She eventually become the group of three to four individuals I spent the most of my time with throughout my first year, we had great time together, having breakfast conversations, skipping classes, sharing personal and academic struggles, going for walks, going out on the city, working in groups, and many...

I'm glad to have a friend like him; wishing you all the best It's been a joy having a friend like him. She is been a major support to me entire 4 years at NIFT and further in life, it's my pleasure be have a friend like him, all the best Darshna for your future, stay in touch.


were to start… Okay! So, Sobiya has been one of the people who is been the motivation to come to the campus before time, and wait for the college bus to come on daily basis. she is been a great inspiration for many of my artwork, I generally do not remember our first conversation, but the conversation with him was something I use to wait for.

As far as I remember, she use to be one of those people who use to talk tomuch until she gets open to you, she is very kind-hearted, sensible, simple person, with a great sense of humor.

I remember the day were she was discussing how her passion for architecture led her to NIFT. That was the first time got to know about ”Architecture”,

We haven’t had bunking class, night outs short of time but watching video song on the projector after class, waiting outside class during jury, having snacks and conversation in the canteen been a great time, whatever reminiscence I have with him been my pleasure.

Thank you for being a major learning curve, a wonderful inspiration for many of my art works, and last but not least, a kind person. I hope we will be having endless conversations some day in the future. Till then, best wishes, stay healthy, keep smiling.

Mayank Tyagi:

In a flashback to my undergraduate days, I see Mayank with a pink beard, a self-assured, strong presence of mind, and a Neophiliac personality.

Lokesh Ghai put us in a group for my first group project, and that was when we first met him. I remember utilizing our mobile devices in the classroom to complete the entire presentation.

Mayank is excellent at public speaking, mingling with strangers, making friends, learning new languages, and whatnot. We had worked on a few assignments, had parties, and used to have college snacks sometime in the evening; that was a great time with him. From what I gather, he is the type of person who will work hard to succeed if something interests him, or else not give a fu*k.

He is a quick learner with a good sense of humor, and her love for Makeup and photography is excellent. I hope someday we can all meet again and go for a ride. Thank you for your invaluable lessons in my life. I hope you are doing great. See you soon; stay happy, and keep in touch.

Manishi Goel

I remember the first time I saw Manushi was with jay, walking around the campus. She is the one who usually interacts with very few people. We haven’t had much interaction, but whatever we had was excellent. She has always been to help people.

I vividly remember our ride to Ahemdabaad with Sunayna for some work. It was great. There are many memories we have. Narrating four years of our NIFT days with a blog is nearly impossible for me. It was a great four years with you, Manushi. Thank you for a good time, contributing life lessons to my life, and wishing you all the best for the future. Stay in touch.

Niharika Joshi

A girl with excellent public speaking skills, great people and culture, and a good sense of humor. The first interaction with Joshi happened in my second year when I was discussing a college assignment. Joshi is one of those people whom I was hesitant to talk to, maybe because I was terrible at speaking with people then, but she was always sweet, helpful, and fun-loving. We haven't had much time together, but whatever memories I have is very welcoming. I remember our last college assignment, where we had great fun during our four years on campus.

It is great meeting you, Joshi. Stay in touch; all be best for the future.

Ambika Tyagi

The first person I interacted in the campus on admission day, I remember she helped me to fix detail in the admission form in IT lab 2. Since then, Ambika has always been helpful and sweet to me. Initially, I used to shear to talk to Ambika, maybe because I was terrible at speaking with new people. I remember our first interaction with him in the second year, at the mess door after breakfast.

I haven't spent much time on campus with him, but whatever time I spent with him, whether in class or on campus, was terrific. She is the one you always find well-dressed. Her dressing sense is just incredible. Working with him has been so much fun, and I genuinely enjoyed four years at NIFT with you, Ambika; it's my pleasure to be your batchmate. Stay in touch. Wishing you all the best for the future; keep rocking and party hard.

Rubashi Bramha

I remember the first time I saw the Rubashi was at Auditorium, wearing props, looking beautiful, and heading towards the dance stage in the Auditorium.

Rubashi has been a great source of learning for me in many aspects. She is a humble and passionate girl who has never been back in giving her best in whatever she used to work on; she is a serious-looking, funny, polite, punctual person with a bundle of energy.

Working with him on the "Vincent van Gogh portrait" assignment was super fun. And visiting Mumbai and celebrating his birthday was just incredible. We had lots of good times cracking sarcastic jokes and having fun in the canteen. There are many happy memories with him, but summarising it in one blog is near impossible for me.

Thank you for bringing values and much more learning to my life—best wishes on the rest of your journey. Stay in touch; god bless you.


The first time I met Sunayana was not at NIFT. We both used to come to study at a coaching center. We hadn’t interacted much until we met again in college in the second year. She is a modeling enthusiast, a very humble, magnificent person as far as I remember.

Sunayna has been a good friend of mine; she has been consistently helpful.

She used to be one of those who talked less until she became good friends with yours. We were in the same fashion communication batch. Since we had different working groups, I haven’t had a chance to work with him, but I hope someday I will get the opportunity to work with him, maybe somewhere in the startup or a corporate office.

I vividly remember going to Ahemdabaad with him for some college work, which was great. Four years with you at NIFT were full of learning.

Stay in touch. I wish you a long and prosperous life. Stay healthy. All be best

Priyanshi P

Recently I chatted with Priyanshi regarding her fantastic video on “Life of Lakhnow” it’s a pleasure to have such talented friends around me. Now when I recall Priyanshi, it reminds me classic ’90s era.

I remember her class displaying the work of the graphic design course taken by Apurva Pandhi, and her work was just excellent. As the unique and romantic person she is, we have worked on a few college assignments together. It’s a pleasure working with him; we had great times in college, the canteen, and the classroom, and had learned a lot from him; thanks for contributing immeasurable learning to my life; it’s a pleasure to have friends like you; stay in contact, all the best to your future life.

Blog is incompelete, Still working on this to cover alll my batchmates