IIT Hyderabad DAT Industry Sponsered & Self Sponsered Question Paper 2022

The admission process for Self Sponsered and Industry Sponsered at IIT-H(2022) went a bit different since it was offline.

In this blog, you will find the DAT question paper of:

  • Self Sponsered

  • Industry Sponsered

Self Sponsered

Brief Structure

DAT(Design aptitude test)+ Portfolio > (Announcement of the shortlisted candidate ) > Shortlisted Candidate suppose to sit for an interview with portfolio (Interview panel has candidate's DAT answer sheet with them) > After a few days result announced based on DAT+Portfolio+Interview.


Day 1: Students suppose to come to the campus for the DAT test with mentioned document + Portfolio. and stationary for DAT.

  • All the Candidates suppose to submit the document and portfolio to the respective desk at the admission center and leave for DAT (2 HR). During the process, candidates' portfolios will be checked by the exam organizer and at the end of the day based on DAT marks and Portfolio marks, shortlisted names are announced on the same day.

  • All the candidates suppose to collect their hard copy portfolios after completing the DAT test.

Day 2: Shortlisted candidates suppose to collect their portfolios from the portfolio desk,

and attend an interview with their portfolios. During the interview, the panel has your DAT answer sheet with them.

  • Portfolio can be in hard copy or soft copy or both.

  • A project will be provided to the candidate

  • A technician will be there in the interview panel to help you connect your soft copy to the projector.

After a few days, the name of the shortlisted candidates will be announced on the admission portal or website.

DAT Self Sponsered Question Paper 2022

DAT (2 HR)

Destination 1 (Received one question chit & instruction for next destination chit)


Instructions: Candidate supposes to pick one character from the above characters.

"Congratulation for reaching the correct destination. The character you just picked is your companion. Look after your companion carefully till the end of your journey. Observe your journey carefully."

Destination 2 (Received another question chit, material & Instruction for exam hall destination)


Instructions: The candidate supposes to pick one material from the above physical material provided during the exam.

"Are you enjoying your journey with your companion? The material piece you have just picked will be used as a part of your design concept. Keep the object carefully with you and report at the auditorium, Academic block-A. HURRY......"

Next Step is interview round, we will add podcast regarding interview soon.

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*Disclaimer: The answer attached below is not a standard answer, this is one way to approach these questions, you might have a completely different approach and that is completely appreciative.*

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Industry Sponsered

The admission process for Industry sponsored candidates was DAT (Design aptitude test) > Interview.

Industry Sponsered DAT Question Paper

DAT Question Paper (Online Test)

Duration: 1 Hour


  • Both the questions are mandatory.

  • All the illustrations/drawings/Representations should be hand-drawn on A4 paper.

  • Do not use any digital media.

  • Upload the file in the Google Form.

  • Name the file with your registration with prefix as DAT_Application number.


1. Watch the video in the link below: (30mins)


Now, Represent the content in a poster.

2. Imagine a major landmark in your city/town. Interpret how the surroundings and built form would be in 2050. (30mins)

The next step is the interview round, we will add a podcast regarding the interview soon.