One Day in Telangana Itinerary You’ll Want to Steal

18 April 10:00 AM

IIT Hyderabad to Charminar

If you’re thinking about including a day-long stop in Charminar, Golconda fort and Chaumallah, then this post for you.

First let me share how we end up having plan to include a day long stop in Charminar, Chaumala palace and Golconda fort, which have massive contribution in the history of Hyderabad (Telelangana).

We made a hasty decision to go out as a group because we had little time left to finish our college assignments and were tired from working all hours of the day and night on campus during our final semmester review.

So there were three of us:

Nandini; My buddy from the time in the B.Des programme at NIFT Gandhinagar, currently persuing same cource at IIT Hyderabad.

Govind; We met when enrolled in the IIT Hyderabad's Master of Design programme, and we are currently in the same department, and myself Sanu.

To save money and have the whole local experience, we had planned to travel to all of these locations using the public transport system. we were all having a fantastic time. Nandini were helping in mapping out the route.

We started our excursion from Charminar to Maharaja palace and then went to Golconda fort with a guide named Mohommad Akbar, we then proceeded to the perl market, which I will talk about in more detail below.


12:20 PM

Visiting the Charminar while there is a crowded market nearby gives the impression that you are visiting the Laal Darwaza in Ahemdabaad. Famous for its ornate architecture is Charminar which makes it one of the most recognized structures of India.

Surrounding Laad Bazaar and the 400 years old mosque on the top floor of Charminar make it famous amongst locals as well as the tourists. The view of Laal Darbaza from the top of Charminar was only be experienced by visiting that place.

We drank fresh fruit juice from the near by area after exploring Charminar. then went to some lovely bagels shops nearby and bought ittr. We spent around two hours there before moving on to the Chowmahalla Palace.


3:10 PM

From the neighbourhood autorickshaw, the trip to Chowmahalla Palace took 20 to 25 minutes. We were looking forward to see decorations, paintings, antique furniture, and interior design. As a consequence, we discovered the fascinating tale of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

Center in Fountain of Raja Mahal

InsIde Raja Mahal

Old coins and cash in the museum

The Nizams of Hyderabad lived in Chowmahalla Palace as their formal residence when they were in power. The palace was created by Nizam Salabat Jung and is still his property.

Islamic intricately elegantly carved arches, which were inspiration for the elaborate carving, simply take us back to that era. It's 3:30 now, and we needed to get to the Golconda fort quickly, so we boarded a local auto rickshaw and drove there.

Golconda Fort 3:32pm

12:20 PM

We purchased ticket of 45 rupee each and headed inside the fort, before getting in to fort we had a guide with us which cost 1000 for three person, which been worth spending.

The engineering that went into the fort's sound transmission system from the entrance to the top of the fort was so accurate that even after having taken such severe damage, it still functions flawlessly. The fort's architecture was magnificent.

Living room | Water storage system

There are many incredible things that can only be experienced by visiting the location, in addition to the story of the fort's functioning operations, food storage systems, Rani's Haweli, sewage systems, living rooms, meeting spaces, and so forth were eye opening.

After three hours, we had almost completely explored the fort. It was now 6:00 p.m., so we enjoyed some sodas outside before visiting the pearl market and dining dilicious food at a fantastic restaurant

7:48 PM (Dinner Time)

Way back to collage campus to finish rest of our collage work, It was wonderfull experience for all of us, thankyou for your valuable time, I personally enjoyed a lot, hope we will soon have some traveling plan soon!

Photo credit: Govind, Nandini, Sanu, Mohommad Akbar.

Guid Name: Mohommad Akbar, Contact No: 9515978544